Cool Drinks for Hot Summer Days

Who doesn’t love limeade?  Lemonade is a childhood staple, but limeade is a little bit cooler, a little bit greener, a little bit tastier.

Limes or lemons, I’ve always hated the process of peeling, seeding, squeezing.  A lot of effort for a quick drink.  Someone recently told me about Sonic’s limeades, and yeah, YUM, but they are basically tasty chemicals and while they make for a Once-in-a-While delicious treat, I was looking for an all-natural every week treat.


This is a little diet ginger ale, a little lo-cal pink lemonade, and a few slices of lime.  And isn’t the glass with the bee too cute?

That’s when I stumbled on Laylita’s Recipes, a true Foodie website.  Yum, yum, yum.  You have to check her out.  So, I’m on my way to buy an affordable blender. Per a little Google research, I’m planning on buying a KitchenAid® 5-Speed Blender with BPA-Free Pitcher which is definitely more wallet friendly than some of the crazy options out there.

Anyhow, this recipe is *AWESOME* because you just throw in the limes with the pitted cherries, sugar, and water!  Now you’re talkin’!  Easy Peasy.  I will post pics of my blender and my Limeade…and an update on if it’s as tasty as it promises to be.  In the meantime, check out Laylita’s Recipes.

And, if you’re going to garnish with Maraschino cherries, you should really make your own.  Really.  Trust me.



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